Traveling is one of my main sources of inspiration. Experiencing different forms of life and attitudes changes you inevitably. coming from a world of surplus and luxury, we often tend to overestimate our small problems. Traveling helps to get a grip again...



Faces - is a project started in 2011 in Nepal, where I got instantly hooked with the incredibly friendly locals and their fascinating countenances.

In the meantime I traveled several other  Asian countries - some of them solely  in search of portraits for my exhibition in the "Camera Obscura Museum" in Mülheim, Germany. 

The people that are displayed here are originated in Nepal, India, Malaysia, Oman, and Singapore. 




Mostly candid pics of real-life situations. 






B&W - nothing more to say.








funny, sad and sometimes both... 





garden of the gods

Somewhere in Germany there is a place the local calls: „The garden of the Gods“


Secluded in a tiny forest, a congregation of strange creatures hides from the outside world and is exposed to the elements. Slowly Nature takes back what once might have been important, what once might just have been hubris... If you engage yourself with decaying structures, buildings and human remains you'll realize pretty soon that nature has a much longer arm than anything we could ever create. So maybe evanescence is the only god we should really devote ourselves to. If we did, perhaps many afflictions would cease to exist...





Almost as stupid as humans - but not as dangerous....




Room 101 - Pictures from the far side

When two plus two equals five...


Those who learned their Newspeak properly probably know what is hidden behind the doors of Room 101.







Even more weird.

My oldest photographic project - to some people they are mesmerizing, to others they are just repelling. Mostly there is not much in between...

But somehow there seems to a nerve deep inside, that triggers off something in everyone. 





Not B&W... 




Urbex / Lost Places

The transient human nature can be observed pretty well, when you seek out those places that have been of vital importance to a whole lot of people just some years ago and that are forgotten and left to decomposition today. The former Eastern Germany is a good example: from one day to the next super important leaders, functionaries, departments, power plants, factories - even whole cities full of soldiers - became obsolete. Just a few years later everything has changed and what was once of highest importance to 17 million people is now just a heap of debris, only some freaky photographers or the omnipresent vandals are interested in anymore. 



Urbex / Lost Places 2

Even more rotten buildings, infested factories, abandoned clinics and the like... There are simply too many cool places out there to be content with only one Urbex-Category on this webpage! 




garden of the gods 2


Sculptures, Masks  and even more mind-boggling shit...